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Exhibitor lama 4-sided, various colours. New finishes

Measures: 48x135x480 cm

Production time 5-12 business days,for more information please consult our customer care department.

*As of January, 2019,we have modified the tone of Birch,you can view the details within the photos of the product.

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Exhibitor lama 4 sides, available in various colors. New finishes

The exhibitor gondola type is manufactured with panels of lama.

The measures of the exhibitor are: 48x135x480 cm

The gondola to the four faces is available in different finishes. See the sample of colors and mix and match as you like.

When you place your order, in the comments section of, indicates how you want your display lama's four faces, and we will manufacture it for you.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

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