About us

Our company

TRIDECOR began in early 2003 as a family-owned company in the sector of commercial equipment. Today, with more than 13 years of experience, we are still encouraging the same goal: the quality and the design professional ensuring a service to industry professionals at an unbeatable price. Keeping our ideas clear, so that your sales will increase and you can "SELL MORE".


Our wide variety of products places us as a leader company in the sector of the commercial equipment and decoration with more than 8,000 m2 of warehouse in Spain and so far six stores distributed in the main Spanish cities.

We buy, we manufacture and sell, at National and International level:

  • Study of the market and the quality of the products most demanded and functional.
  • Development of designs and prototypes of the different products.
  • Analysis and control of supplies to suppliers to perform the manufacturing.
  • Laboratory of research and development (R+D+i)

This procedure allows us to distribute at the national level and to increase our imports to countries such as Portugal, France, Italy and Greece, among others.

Our vision of the future:

We are committed to team work and to integrate the ideas of our potential partners who request our services, increasing each other our level of income.

  • Designs of commercial spaces and in-house manufacture of custom products.
  • Wide commercial network distributed in the main cities of Spain in order to reach and satisfy a greater number of customers.
  • Recognition of the brand Tridecor at the International level.
  • Our new logistics platform is a door open to improve your business idea and increase your business strategy, reaching a larger market, which translates into more sales.


Where to find us

Address: Calle Riaño, 24, 28947, Fuenlabrada (Madrid) SPAIN

Hours: 9:30 to 19:00 h

All days except Saturday.

Phone number: 91 642 29 41.

Whatsapp 688 097 373

E-mail: info@tridecor.net