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Cash register Olivetti ECR 7700 Eco plus

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Functionality of the cash register Olivetti ECR 7700 Eco Plus:

- Manufactured with recycled plastics that can be recycled again at the end of the life of the product.

- Low power consumption thanks to the automatic shutoff of the display after some minutes of inactivity.

- Tickets sales and management reports-alphanumeric easy-to-read.

- Display of employee VFD alphanumeric of 10 digits for a more easy programming and use.

- Texts of key non-numeric customizable: improving ease-of-use.

- Tickets with header and footer customizable with identification data and commercial messages.

- Electronic journal with a capacity for up to 3,000 lines, which ensures a high level of autonomy in relation to the storage of transaction data, to obtain a copy of all of them.

- Large drawer with lock, 8 compartments for coins and 4 compartments for banknotes.

- Environmentally friendly-Manufactured with recyclable plastics/recycled.

- Low power consumption.

- Two displays, fluorescent, employee and customer.

- Thermal printer alphanumeric.

- Up to 400 PLUs programmable and 14 departments.

- 8 Codes of an employee.

- Electronic journal up to 3,000 lines.

- Alphanumeric keyboard for programming more functional.

- Learning mode with all the functions available.

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