Exhibitors methacrylate 

Exhibitors perspex, perfect to highlight your products. Designed for footwear, bags, accessories, etc

Our speakers are available in different colors. Find in our catalog the exhibitors methacrylate perfect for your store.

Exhibitors methacrylate
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5,50 € VAT not included

Exhibitor acrylic triangular. Package of 10 units.


5,50 € VAT not included

Interior acrylic sandals. Measures: 19x12x2 cm


9,50 € VAT not included

Set acrylic in form C to 3 heights. Also available in black.


15,00 € VAT not included


6,05 € VAT not included

Shelf methacrylate with portaprecio panel of lamas. Perfect for exhibition of footwear, clothing or small bags. Material: Methacrylate Color: Transparent Measure (cm): 39x29


1,65 € VAT not included

Exhibitor methacrylate inclined to lama. Perfect for the exhibition of footwear. Material: transparent Methacrylate Anchorage: Panel blade Length (cm) 25 Width (cm) 9


4,50 € VAT not included


4,95 € VAT not included

Portacarteles acrylic A4 in the form L. *High (cm) 30 *Width (cm) 21 *Bottom (cm) 8.5

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