Christmas merchandise like wrapping paper, decorative ribbons... everything you need to make your store view of Christmas.

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Add-ons christmas

Great variety in add-ons christmas for that involved your gifts and decores with bows, ribbons, stars, colorful...

Bags and Envelopes

Bags and envelopes perfect for christmas, colors, gold, silver, metallic... outfit your store with our christmas merchandise.

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On plastic metallic gold 15x10cm 100 units


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Bag of paper pulp with asa flat beige red bow 29x22x10 cm Package 25 units


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Bag printed with christmas motifs. Package of 100 units. Features Material polyethylene Die cut handle reinforced Stamped daisies Main Color fuchsia Package of 100 units Width (cm) 25 Height (cm) 35 Gauge 120 Microns 30

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