Methacrylate and other 

Accessories of methacrylate panels of lama.

Methacrylate and other
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6,05 € VAT not included

Shelf methacrylate with portaprecio panel of lamas. Perfect for exhibition of footwear, clothing or small bags. Material: Methacrylate Color: Transparent Measure (cm): 39x29


1,65 € VAT not included

Exhibitor methacrylate inclined to lama. Perfect for the exhibition of footwear. Material: transparent Methacrylate Anchorage: Panel blade Length (cm) 25 Width (cm) 9


8,50 € VAT not included


2,00 € VAT not included

Aluminium guide panel of lamas. All our panels of lamas include their corresponding guides. Length (cm) 120

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