Security and shopping 

Cash registers, antihurtos, cars, and shopping carts for any business.

We have a stock of shopping carts and baskets to stores in different sizes and colors. The basket are made of a sturdy plastic to support the weight of the items and the shopping carts are made of metal.

In our catalogue shop you'll also find cash registers at affordable price, rolls of thermal paper and detectors of banknotes. We have spare parts of paper for cash registers in different sizes for you to buy the suitable for your point of sale.

Cash registers and accessories

We have cash registers at very affordable prices. You will also find in our catalog rolls of thermal paper, so that recambies the role of your cash register, and detectors of banknotes.

We have rolls of thermal paper 80x80, in addition to many other measures. Choose the thermal paper suitable for your type of cash register, if you have doubts of which is the proper contact us here and we will help you.

Carts and shopping baskets

Wide variety of carts and shopping baskets for supermarkets and any kind of store or establishment for the sale items. We have shopping baskets in different sizes, cubicajes and colors.

Our shopping trolleys are manufactured in a resistant material to withstand the weight of the items and that it will slide properly along the ground without much effort.

If you do not find the cart or shopping basket that you need for your trade contact us here.


Arches anti-theft, plates and ties to protect your merchandise.

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Papel térmico


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Papel térmico


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Detector de billetes


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