Stationary, gift items and office 

Gift wrapping paper in multiple colors and prints.

You can also decorate with many models bow, ribbons, stars, and stickers.

For these dates as indicated we also have labels to gift to congratulate the christmas tags, happy holidays, tags, merry christmas, tags desire you like it, ...


Envelopes for garments, accessories, handicrafts... wraps of the easiest and fastest way.


Material of paper for decoration retailers. Great variety of types and models for different uses. Role for scope of work, invoices, tickets, etc

Boxes Of Jewelry

Jewelry boxes to store and display any type of jewelry in a professional manner.


Great variety of models of tape for wrapping of gift, office supplies and stationery.

Tags gift

You can not miss our catalog of labels for gift. We have labels happy holidays, tags, merry christmas, ...

We also have the classic tags I wish that you like, labels, congratulations, ...

Great variety of models of tags for gift wrapping, office supplies and stationery.

If you need help do not hesitate to contact us here.

Add-ons of Stationary and Gift

We have different add-ons of stationary and gift for your business or office.

With our add-ons to gifts you can wrap your gifts in a very special way. We have star stickers, ribbons, gifts, ties, pens and many add-ons more.

This year make your christmas gifts more special with our add-ins for gifts.

Cartridges and toner compatible

Cartridges and toner compatible with many different brands, HP, Samsung, Brother, etc, at a good price. Direct from the factory.

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4,56 € VAT not included

Box for jewelry 9x7x3cm 12 units. Boxes enlarged for watches and bracelets. Metallic colors. Material: Cardboard Finish: Metallic Form: Rectandular Quantity: 12 units

6,60 € VAT not included

Box for jewelry 5x5x3.5cm 24 units.Colors: Purple, red, blue, silver, gold, bronze and black. Size: 5x5x3.5 cm - 24 units per pack


4,50 € VAT not included

On kraft paper orange 21.5+6.5x36cm 50 units


9,00 € VAT not included

Paper envelopes, silver 30x25+9 cm 50 units


10,60 € VAT not included

Paper envelopes, red 39x30+12 cm 50 units


10,60 € VAT not included

Paper envelopes, black 39x30+12 cm 50 units


9,60 € VAT not included

Star stickers various colours 5x5x3cm 100 units. Colors: Yellow, white, beige, green, blue, fuchsia, and pink. Measures 5x5x3 cm


8,60 € VAT not included

Star stickers-color metal 6.5 mm 100 units Material (cm): Polypropylene Measure (cm): 4x4x2 Thickness (mm): 6.5 Various colors


12,50 € VAT not included

Star stickers various colours 8x8x4cm 70 units Material (cm): Polypropylene Measure (cm): 8x8x4 Thickness (mm): 19 Various colors


6,20 € VAT not included

Tape raffia patterned hearts 200 meters Measure: 5 mm, Length 200 meters


5,90 € VAT not included

Tape wire red-20 metres

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