In Tridecor, you will find a great selection of bags in different materials and colors. Paper bags, fabric bags and plastic bags.

Silkscreen with us your favorite model of bags.

Our bags are special for all kinds of shops and shop.

If you need help with our bags to businesses please contact us here.

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Paper bags

In Tridecor you can find a great variety of paper bags in different colors, formats and sizes.

We have paper bags with drawstring handle, paper bags with handle flat and curly.

Plastic bags

In this section you will find all kinds of plastic bags. Our plastic bags for stores and shops are cheap and of high quality.

The polyethylene bags are perfect for pants, blouses, jewelry... All kinds of bags for retail.

We stock a large variety of plastic bags, patterned and smooth, in different colors and sizes. Plastic bags with handles, plastic bags with flap adhesive, t-shirt bag, plastic bags with die cut handle, etc

If you need help with your purchase of plastic bags please contact us here.

Fabric bags

We stock a large variety of fabric bags, linen bags and bags of fabric TNT for all types of businesses.

Cloth bags with die cut handle and lock with lanyard. Different colors and patterns.

All of the bags fabric can be customized with the logo of your business.

If you do not find the model of bag you are looking for, need help or want to request a screen of your cloth bags please contact us here.

Buy fabric bags business and contributes to the environment.

Bags for gifts

We have a wide range of bags for gift. Wrap your gifts with bags of prints very varied, both for gifts for kids as for adults.

We stock bags in different sizes, formats and colors. Also in different finishes.

If you do not find the bag for gifts that you are looking for feel free to contact us here and we will be happy to help you.


5,50 € VAT not included


5,50 € VAT not included


5,50 € VAT not included

Bag-velvet black. Measures: 12x9 cm, Package 20 pcs


6,50 € VAT not included


6,50 € VAT not included


7,50 € VAT not included

Bag linen fabric beige. Size: 18x14 cm, Package 20 pcs


7,50 € VAT not included


7,50 € VAT not included

Bag-velvet black. Measure 19x14 cm Package: 20 units

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