Accessories and Parts of Mannequins 

Discover our accessories for the mannequins, as bases of wood, metal and adjustable. In addition to parts of mannequins such as heads, feet, hands, or legs.

Accessories and Parts of Mannequins
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Heads mannequin to exhibit your product in a realistic way

Parts of mannequins

Exhibitors for gloves, socks, stockings, hats and much more. Find the parts of the dummies that you need to expose the products of your business.

Bases for mannequins and busts

Bases for mannequins and busts. Metal, adjustable, made of wood. Everything you need to equip your shop at the best price.

15,00 € VAT not included

Foot wooden busts-white/black

8,80 € VAT not included

Leg plastic for average.


75,00 € VAT not included

Foot black metallic for busts. This support carries wheels and brake Material: Steel Color: Black Wheels and brakeDimensions: Minimum height (cm): 77 Maximum height (cm): 118 Width (cm): 35


75,00 € VAT not included

Foot metallic gold for busts. Has wheels and brake. Dimensions: Minimum height (cm): 77 Maximum height (cm): 118 Width (cm): 35


14,50 € VAT not included


45,00 € VAT not included

Bust lower male adjustable fabric linen beige. Foot of steel.


25,00 € VAT not included


5,80 € VAT not included


5,00 € VAT not included


30,00 € VAT not included

Bust lower female white. Perfect for underwear

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