Maniquies Woman 

Wide range of mannequins of women for all types of establishments.

We have Mannequins of women in different colors: flesh, white and black.

We also have mannequins of women of fabric and mannequins of women plastic.

If you have any questions or need a model mannequin of a woman in particular, contact us here.

Maniquies Woman
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Mannequins Female White

Mannequins woman in white. We stock a large variety of formats.

Maniquies Black Woman

Maniquies women in the color black. Great variety of formats.

Mannequins Female Flesh

Mannequins Woman of color meat. Mannequins very realistic in different formats.

Mannequins Women Fabric

Large catalog of mannequins woman of cloth. Available in different colors and formats.


190,00 € VAT not included


210,00 € VAT not included


240,00 € VAT not included


240,00 € VAT not included

Mannequin woman sitting flesh-colored. Female model sitting, matte finish. Includes fiberglass base, color of flesh. Does not include wig


240,00 € VAT not included

Mannequin woman lying down black glitter


190,00 € VAT not included

Mannequin of a woman painted in black color. Factions and hair sculpted


190,00 € VAT not included

  Dummy woman with hair sculpted, matte finish. Material: Fiber glass Finish: matte Color: Flesh Glass Base and stand included.


190,00 € VAT not included

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