Tridecor adjusts to your needs by offering a wide variety of finishes and colors. Fiber glass, polypropylene, cloth, etc, you Can see countless models with or without base depending on the type of garment. Bust special seamstresses, busts to dresses, busts for the exhibition of scarves... discover the vintage articulated and full of life your shop windows.

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Busts Child

Large variety of busts child. Busts of infants and busts of children for trades.

Busts of Women

Large variety of busts of women of different materials for all types of businesses.

Busts of Man

Large variety of busts man of different materials for all types of businesses. Busts of cloth, busts of linen and busts of plastic. Busts seamstress.

55,00 € VAT not included

Bust man beige wood foot, a special sewing. Bust a seamstress with a tripod. Material: Polystyrene Fabric-biege Includes wood foot Various colors Tripod busts Height (cm) 74 - Width 42 - Fund 23

55,00 € VAT not included

Bust of man in black cloth and wood foot. Perfect for sewing workshops


2,80 € VAT not included


112,50 € VAT not included
125,00 € -10%

Bust of woman metallic color black


0,80 € VAT not included
1,00 €


2,80 € VAT not included


2,80 € VAT not included

Silhouette of colored man meat. Hanger at the top


10,80 € VAT not included


10,80 € VAT not included

Half bust of a woman polyethene greenish brown Possibility of hanging Foot not included Ref.-040200 Material polyethylene Color greenish brown On table Dimensions: Height (cm): 68 Width (cm): 39 Depth (cm) 23


10,80 € VAT not included


20,00 € VAT not included


28,00 € VAT not included

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