Hangers of Metal 

Hangers of Metal

Hangers of metal for all kinds of garments. We have hangers metal basic, but also with clips for pants or skirt.

Hangers metal they are very resistant and offer an exhibition of the garments very carefully.

If you are looking for clothes hangers metal take a look at our catalog.

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2,80 € VAT not included

Hanger children's metal with forceps 28.5 cm sold in packages of 10 units


3,50 € VAT not included

Metal hanger with clips coated for pant or skirt. Package 10 units


0,25 € VAT not included


6,00 € VAT not included

Hanger made of steel with tongs 31 cm 5 units


5,00 € VAT not included

Metal hanger, black neck. Unit price. Long 40 cm


1,00 € VAT not included

Metal hanger with clips, black neck. Measure: 32 cm unit Price.


3,25 € VAT not included

Accessory clamps of steel for clothes hangers 5 units. Long 17.5 cm


7,50 € VAT not included

Hanger beige for scarves. Hanger scarves beige. Fabric crochet. Measure 35x45 cm

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