We have a wide variety of hangers adapted to all types of garments. Hangers for lingerie, hangers for coats, hangers for pants...Available in different finishes such as plastic hangers, wooden hangers and coat hangers metal.

If you're looking for hangers for shops or for your home you are in the appropriate store. We have hangers for clothing adult and also hangers for children.

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Wooden hangers

Great variety of wooden hangerswith groove, clamps and non-slip silicone. Is the wooden perch perfect for the exposure of your clothing or to your storage.

We have racks of great quality for shops and establishments at very economical prices.

Hangers of Metal

Hangers of metal for all kinds of garments. We have hangers metal basic, but also with clips for pants or skirt.

Hangers metal they are very resistant and offer an exhibition of the garments very carefully.

If you are looking for clothes hangers metal take a look at our catalog.

Plastic hangers

Our plastic hangers are available in rigid material and flexible. Are plastic hangers of high quality shops and establishments.

We have hangers at very affordable prices, see our catalog.


0,60 € VAT not included


0,40 € VAT not included


0,35 € VAT not included


3,00 € VAT not included

Arm for articles in height with clamp on the end for greater grip


4,00 € VAT not included


2,50 € VAT not included

Hanger with transparent clips. 5 units


3,75 € VAT not included

Hanger children's slotted. Measure: 26 cm


1,20 € VAT not included


1,40 € VAT not included
2,00 € -30%

Metal hanger to expose socks. *Length (cm) 82 *Width (cm) 18


3,00 € VAT not included


6,00 € VAT not included

Hanger made of steel with tongs 31 cm 5 units

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