Clothes racks and hangers 

In our installations, physical or virtual you can choose from a wide range of hangers adapted to any garment.

Coat racks classic and current, of one or several heights.


Clothes racks and hangers
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We have a wide variety of hangers adapted to all types of garments. Hangers for lingerie, hangers for coats, hangers for pants...Available in different finishes such as plastic hangers, wooden hangers and coat hangers metal.

If you're looking for hangers for shops or for your home you are in the appropriate store. We have hangers for clothing adult and also hangers for children.

Clothes racks

The coat racks are an indispensable item for any clothing store.

In our catalog you will find a wide variety of perches of different ways, even with built-in shelves. Our coat racks offer multiple possibilities for the exhibition of the garments.

We have clothes racks, donkey, clothes racks with shelves, clothes racks, revolving, etc


Discover our testers, a piece that can not be missing inside of a clothing store.


1,20 € VAT not included


5,00 € VAT not included

Coat hanger in black color (brightness) with bar and clamps of metal. Measurement: 38 cm


1,00 € VAT not included

Metal hanger with clips, black neck. Measure: 32 cm unit Price.


2,00 € VAT not included

Hanger-oval shaped plastic scarfs black. Sold in packages of 10 units.Hanger plastic for scarves. Height: 16 cm Length: 14 cm


4,50 € VAT not included


2,00 € VAT not included


80,75 € VAT not included
85,00 € -5%


90,00 € VAT not included


90,00 € VAT not included


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110,00 € VAT not included

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