Exhibitors of Jewelry 

The exhibitors of jewelry are a few of the exhibitors trade more important, because the jewelry is presented in the most elegant and attractive for the client to have a good image of the products.

In Tridecor we offer a wide range of models of exhibitors of jewelry and jewelry, so you can choose the one that best suit your products and needs. We have exhibitors of jewelry in different colors, shapes and fabrics.

For any questions or if you cannot find the exhibitor of jewels or costume jewelry that you need, please contact us here.

Exhibitors of Jewelry
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Exhibitors for jewelry and jewellery manufactured in linen cloth. Available in different colors and textures.


Exhibitors of jewelry and jewelry manufactured in synthetic leather. Great variety of colors and patterns to expose the products of your store.


Display jewelry velvet. Exhibitors are available in different formats and colors.


Exhibitors rope for jewelry and costume jewelry. Available in different formats and colors.

Expose of how attractive your items of jewellery and costume jewellery.


Found other types of exhibitors of jewellery and costume jewellery, such as, for example, displays for earrings in the form of a table.

We have a large catalogue with different models of exhibitors.

14,50 € VAT not included

Exhibitor of necklaces wrapped in string. Measures 37x23x14 cm

7,50 € VAT not included

Exhibitor of necklaces wrapped rope brown or beige. Measures: 23x20x11 cm


9,35 € VAT not included


10,50 € VAT not included


3,85 € VAT not included
5,50 € -30%


1,93 € VAT not included
2,75 € -30%


4,90 € VAT not included

Exhibitor necklace


10,50 € VAT not included

Bandeja para conjunto de joyería, terciopelo gris 24 departamentos


5,50 € VAT not included

Exhibitor acrylic hand-shaped rings.


3,00 € VAT not included

Cushion for bracelets, with black synthetic leather. Measures: 8x29x6 cm

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