We offer countless commercial display cases for the exhibition of their products.

We have exhibitors of jewelry, racks of shoes, racks of glasses and exhibitors of handbags, among others.

Tridecor is your online store for commercial equipment where you can find all the necessary furniture for your business.

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Exhibitors of Glasses

In our catalogue of exhibitors of glasses you will find exhibitors of all kinds, we have exhibitors from glasses wall, displays of goggles rotating and exhibitors of glasses double-sided.

The exhibitors of the glasses are available in wood, metal and methacrylate, and also in different colors.

If you do not find the exhibitor of glasses that you need to contact us here and we will help you.

Exhibitors of Jewelry

The exhibitors of jewelry are a few of the exhibitors trade more important, because the jewelry is presented in the most elegant and attractive for the client to have a good image of the products.

In Tridecor we offer a wide range of models of exhibitors of jewelry and jewelry, so you can choose the one that best suit your products and needs. We have exhibitors of jewelry in different colors, shapes and fabrics.

For any questions or if you cannot find the exhibitor of jewels or costume jewelry that you need, please contact us here.

Exhibitors of Footwear

We have exhibitors of footwear in different formats and materials with the best prices in the market.

We offer a wide range of different measures to provide visibility to the product.

Exhibitors of footwear in different materials, stainless steel and acrylic for you to choose the one that best suits your business.

If you do not find the exhibitor for shoes that you want, or want to ask us any query, contact us here.

Exhibitors of Bags

We have exhibitors of handbags in different formats and materials.

Exhibitors of bags of steel and methacrylate.

If you do not find the exhibitor for handbags that you want or want to ask us any query, contact us here.

Exhibitors methacrylate

Exhibitors perspex, perfect to highlight your products. Designed for footwear, bags, accessories, etc

Our speakers are available in different colors. Find in our catalog the exhibitors methacrylate perfect for your store.

Exhibitors of metal

Find exhibitors metal of the finest materials in tridecor.net

We have exhibitors of metal in different finishes, shapes and sizes.

Equip your shop with the exhibitor of metal that best suits your needs.


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Exhibitor acrylic triangular. Package of 10 units.


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