Furniture side 

Furniture side

Furniture central, showcase, cube, etc

Tables / Exhibition

We have tables exhibiting glass at different heights, and tables of wood of different colors and finishes.

We also manufacture tables, exhibition and reception as.

Display Furniture

We have a wide variety of display furniture for shops, exhibitors metal and auxiliary furniture.

The furniture exhibitors give security at the time of exhibiting the articles.

If you are looking for a display cabinet for your business or local you will find in our catalogue the display cabinet you need and if not contact us here and we'll help you find it.


Tridecor puts at your disposal a large variety of display cases with and without lock for an exhibition more secure.


Gondolas and central wall made to measure. Variety of colors and finishes. What you still haven't chosen yours?

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90,00 € VAT not included

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750,00 € VAT not included

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